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    Using AI and Substrate to verify sustainability claims and tokenize impact outcomes

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    ImpactScope is building the protocol layer for verifying and tokenizing impact outcomes. Since 2021 ImpactScope has helped NASDAQ-listed crypto mining companies, international NGOs and social enterprises use web3 tools to measure, verify and tokenize their sustainability achievements.

    Built on Astar Network, our AI & blockchain powered greenwashing detection application is used by multiple national and international financial regulators, including the World Bank and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Our other kill app (in development) is a web3 platform for the tokenization of verified impact outcomes.

    Project Logo


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    • ImpactScope's award-winning AI-powered greenwashing detection app

      Built on Astar Network, Greenwashing Identifier (GWI) is a multiple award-winning AI and web3 SaaS app developed in collaboration with the World Bank, the UK FCA and regulators in the EU and Middle East. GWI helps financial supervisory authorities save thousands of hours of research time and quickly locates contradictions and inconsistencies in corporate reporting and other data sets. We channel revenue from this app to our Decentralised Impact Outcomes Marketplace (DIOM) treasury.

    • From NASDAQ-listed bitcoin mining companies to leading European exchanges

      Since 2021 ImpactScope has helped the world's leading digital asset mining companies and exchanges measure and reduce their carbon emissions. Clients include Hut8, Arthur Mining, YouHodler. For its work, ImpactScope received the Green Cross Climate Positive award during COP28 in Dubai.

    • Siemens Tokenize the Energy Transition global finalist

      In 2023 ImpactScope received global recognition for its immutable, trustless web3 solution to help Energy Services Companies use Dynamic Proof of Impacts connected via onchain and offchain oracles to verify energy data outputs from IoT devices.

    • A web3 marketplace for verified impact outcomes built on substrate

      ImpactScope is building a decentralized web3 marketplace for the tokenization and verification of social and environmental interventions. Designed to be built on substrate, and using a DAO wrapper, DIOM replicates many of the features of performance based social impact contracts.


    Verifying and rewarding positive impact

    Greenwashing in corporate communications
    Financial regulators and advertising watchdogs do not have the tools and resources to monitor the truthfulness and accuracy of the green claims of companies under their supervision. Asset managers and investment funds want an easy way to detect greenwashing red flags in their portfolio companies. Finally, companies themselves are worried about the possibility of being fined under new regulations being introduced to fight greenwashing (e.g. the Green Claims Directive in the EU). When companies exaggerate their sustainability achievements, this makes it difficult for consumers to tell which companies are genuinely trying hard to reduce negative externalities and which companies are just greenwashing.

    Can web3 help turn verified impact outcomes into an exciting new tokenized asset class?
    Charities, NGOs, philanthropic organisations and responsible corporations all face the same challenges when it comes to creating good in the world. How can they deploy capital with maximum efficiency and at the same time verify the results they achieve? According to Charity Intelligence, a typical North American non-profit will need to spend >30 % of their budget annually on administration overheads and fundraising costs. Secondly, most non-profits cannot afford independent impact evaluators and they lack the tools and expertise to measure impact outcomes rigorously.

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    Using AI and Web3 to verify sustainability claims and tokenize verified impact outcomes

    Using AI and blockchain to detect false green claims and exaggerated sustainability achievements
    Greenwashing Identifier (GWI) is a tool that automatically detects greenwashing in corporate communications. AI identifies different types of greenwashing, namely contradictions, exaggerations and unsubstantiated claims, and automatically generates greenwashing reports. These reports are both qualitative, meaning they describe the greenwashing issues identified in the datasets, and quantitative, in that a scoring system allows benchmarking greenwashing risk among different companies. AI is complemented by Blockchain where the greenwashing reports and datasets are permanently stored to "preserve the scene of the crime" and bring the traceability element to AI.

    A web3 marketplace for the monetization, tokenization and verification of positive outcomes
    We have created a web3 native model to decentralize and incentivize the creation of verified impact outcomes. Impact Funders fund bounties in the sectors they want to see impact created such as healthcare, affordable housing, biodiversity, education, among others. Impact Stewards - the token holders - vote to select Creators. Funding is released from the Impact Treasury to enable the Creators. When the cost of creating impact is less than the value of the Bounty, the treasury grows, and the virtuous impact cycle can continue.

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    • Sean Murphy

      Co-founder / CEO

      15+ years in emerging technology and impact investment management. Designed CO2 offsetting tools for digital asset marketplaces and the world’s leading crypto miners. Swiss Crypto Valley Association Sustainability Working Group Co-Chair.

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    • Michele Soavi

      COO / Chief Sustainability Officer

      15 years of international experience at the intersection of sustainability and financial reporting. Former PwC and EY. PhD in legal tech/smart contracts. MBA in Sustainable Business.

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    • Kosta Zanin


      ESG, FinOps and RegTech-focused senior product designer with a strong ML project management background. 10+ years of managing agile teams in dynamic environments.

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    • Nada Lamptey

      Content Coordinator

      Model UN Association Leadership Program. PA Intern at Parliament of Ghana. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador, School of Law - University of Leeds.

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    • Quentin Botha

      Token Economics Researcher

      Published researcher on blockchain and token economics. Researcher at the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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    • Madhuri Rahman

      Ecosystem Design

      Tech4Good, ecosystem design and community planning expert. Projects for Blockchain & Climate Institute, HSBC and The Scout Association.

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    • Jorrin Bruns

      Ambassador Program Lead

      7+ years in web3, from DAOs to technical development. First-round Polkadot Ambassador turned member of the Parity Tools team.

      Jorrin Bruns.png
    • Mehul Derodra

      Head of Research

      Extensive background in traditional investing and FinTech. Alumni in Sustainable Finance from CISL. Mehul combines his education and experience to explore how sustainability, impact investing and blockchain can be combined.

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