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    Mandala Chain is the network where government, enterprise, and retail applications can co-exist and interoperate on decentralized rails. We believe the next 100M users will come from emerging markets, starting in SE Asia, where we have strategic partners and market advantages to help onboard the next generation of crypto users. Our initial use cases, in partnership with key government appointed entities in Indonesia, will onboard 10M+ wallets into the Polkadot ecosystem.

    Project Logo

    Mandala Chain

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    • Disrupting Digital ID and Onboarding 10M+ New Wallets

      IDCHAIN, a collaboration with Indonsesia's top level domain holder (.ID), turns web domains into web3 assets and integrates decentralized digital identity infrastructure. This partnership, with a TAM of over 100M users, is projected to conservatively onboard 10M+ users to Mandala Chain and Polkadot.

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    • Building Brand Equity in SEA's Sleeping Giant

      Indonesia, with its population of over 270 million and an internet penetration rate of over 70%, presents a tremendous market opportunity for Mandala Chain. As Southeast Asia’s largest country and the fourth most populous globally, Indonesia is rapidly embracing digital transformation. The young, tech-savvy population is driving a surge in digital adoption, creating a fertile ground for blockchain solutions. Mandala Chain’s strategic entry into this market leverages deep local expertise and existing relationships, positioning us to address local challenges and build significant brand equity. This strong foundation sets the stage for expansion across Southeast Asia.

    • Big Partnerships & Bigger Projections

      Our initial use cases include:

      • 90+ banks placing data and transactions on chain
      • 20+ hospitals placing medical data and insurance on chain
      • Working with major gold miner and retailer ($500M USD in reserves) to build web3 business models around tokenized gold
      • Exploring blockchain use cases with the largest telcom's in Indonesia
      • Building accredited blockchain courses with 30+ universities and placing educational credentials on chain
      • Product authentication required for artist IP, TAM of over 80M products to start

    • Embracing Digital 2045: A Blockchain-Driven Future

      Indonesia’s Digital Indonesia Vision 2045 presents a unique opportunity for Mandala Chain. Recognizing blockchain as a key component of its digital strategy, the Indonesian government is committed to integrating advanced technologies to drive economic growth and digital transformation. Mandala Chain is perfectly positioned to support this vision, offering scalable and secure blockchain solutions that align with national priorities. By contributing to Digital 2045, Mandala Chain not only enhances its market presence but also plays a pivotal role in shaping Indonesia’s digital future.


    Emerging Markets are Key to Mass Adoption but are Underserved and Lack Expertise

    Web3 adoption has reached a plateau, and there is an urgent need to onboard more users to drive its evolution, growth and broader application. Emerging markets hold the potential to bring the next 100 million users into the Web3 ecosystem, but achieving this requires addressing real-world problems with tangible, effective solutions. Despite the transformative potential of blockchain technology, there remains a gap in real-world applications that can seamlessly integrate with daily lives and address pressing issues.

    Emerging markets, like Indonesia, the 4th largest population globally, present unique challenges and opportunities. With a young, and tech-savvy population, Indonesia is poised for digital transformation but faces significant issues such as frequent data leaks, centralized data storage vulnerabilities, interoperability challenges, and inefficiencies in accessing essential services. These problems hinder economic growth and digital inclusion, underscoring the need for innovative solutions that can bridge these gaps and deliver tangible benefits to users.


    Copy-Paste-Deploy Infrastructure that Onboards the Next 100m+ Users

    Mandala Chain is positioned to address these challenges by connecting government and enterprise solutions to public and retail users, starting with a focus on Indonesia. Recognizing Indonesia's commitment to blockchain technology through the Digital Indonesia Vision 2045, Mandala Chain leverages its strong local relationships and expertise to spearhead this transformation.

    The foundational use case, IDCHAIN, is designed to create secure digital identities for users, with the potential to onboard millions of new wallets. IDCHAIN taps into a total addressable market (TAM) of over 100 million Indonesian users, laying a robust foundation for subsequent use cases. This digital identity infrastructure will enable seamless access to various services, ensuring data sovereignty and security for users.

    Building on this foundation, Mandala Chain has forged agreements and partnerships across multiple sectors, including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, logistics, and smart cities just to name a few. Specific initiatives such as DJOIN (banking), Medblock (healthcare), and Microgold (asset tokenization) have pilot projects already underway and are poised to demonstrate the versatility and scalability of Mandala Chain's blockchain solutions. Each of these projects addresses a critical need, providing real-world solutions that are both innovative and practical.

    Mandala Chain's approach involves incubating these use cases in-house, ensuring they are thoroughly developed and tested within the Indonesian market. Once proven successful, these solutions can be replicated and deployed in other countries and regions, driving global adoption of Web3 technologies.

    By focusing initially on Indonesia, Mandala Chain aims to create a scalable model that can be adapted to other emerging markets, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and digitally empowered global economy. This strategy not only addresses the immediate needs of the Indonesian market but also sets a precedent for how blockchain technology can be effectively utilized to solve real-world problems and drive mass adoption in other regions.

    Through its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Mandala Chain is poised to lead the next wave of Web3 adoption, bringing real-world use cases to life and ensuring that the benefits of blockchain technology are accessible to all.


    • Rahman 'Anta' Desyanta


      Co-founder of Bali Blockchain Center, Co-Founder and CEO of Baliola, and Founder of Mandala Chain. Rahman has over 10 years of experience in the digital industry and more than 6 years specifically in blockchain technology. An entrepreneur and blockchain author, he graduated from Bina Nusantara University Jakarta in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence and earned a Master's degree in Management and Blockchain from Undiknas Denpasar in 2020. His research includes Fractional Property Investment Business with Blockchain Technology. Rahman is also an alumnus of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy, Hong Kong Cohort 2024.

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    • Michael Bennallack


      Michael Bennallack, CEO & Co-Founder of Republik Labs, is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Republik Rupiah, one of Indonesia’s leading blockchain media and education platforms, and is the CEO of Global Pathways Consulting, a blockchain and education advisory firm. His expertise lies in blockchain research, consulting services, and fostering relationships with educational institutions across Asia and the Pacific. Michael is also an active Advisor and Consultant in the blockchain space and has a breadth of knowledge and expertise within various sectors within the industry.

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    • Mat Paul


      Mat Paul, the CEO of Mandala Chain Foundation, has over 15 years of experience as a Professional Engineer. Transitioning to the blockchain industry in 2020, he has since worked with Cardano as an Academy Consultant, led projects with Airdropped including the creation of a Due Diligence DAO, served as Head of Strategy for Unix Gaming, and COO of Yaga Games - a web3 gaming infrastructure company. Paul has also advised various Web3 startups and is known for his charismatic leadership and operational efficiencies.

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    • Matt Cook

      Chief Business Development Officer

      Matthew Cook, the Chief Business Development Officer for Mandala Chain Foundation, brings over five years of blockchain industry expertise. He co-founded Catapult Group, a venture investment and BD firm, and OffChain Global, a Web3 community in over 70 cities. Cook also co-founded Connected Capital, linking investors, founders, and leaders in banking, finance, and crypto sectors. Prior to blockchain, he was a global trade expert in Hong Kong and mainland China.

      Mandala Chain_Matt Cook.jpeg
    • Adrian Keet

      Head of Academy

      Adrian Keet, the Head of Academy for Mandala Chain Foundation, has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He has deployed AI solutions since the early 2000s and has extensive experience in business strategy, consulting, education, and project management. Keet has held C-level positions, advised on social and environmental impact projects, and focused on ecosystem growth through user adoption and education programs in Web3 projects.

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    • Jake Hartley

      Head of Compliance

      Jake Hartley, the Head of Risk and Compliance at Mandala Chain Foundation, leverages over a decade of legal expertise and strategic risk management. He has served as an in-house lawyer for multi-billion-dollar corporations and developed compliance frameworks to enhance business operations. Hartley specializes in policy development and proactive risk management strategies, ensuring ethical business practices.

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    • Alex Hogan

      Operations Manager

      With over 15 years of experience in engineering, project management, and operations, Alex Hogan specializes in operational excellence, risk management, and strategic planning. Hogan's expertise spans traditional industries and web3 technologies, driving innovation and strategic growth. He excels in scaling operations, leading high-impact projects, and integrating technical solutions with practical business applications.

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